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Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment

Advances in Clinical and Experimental Medicine


Adv Clin Exp Med


Call for submissions of an Expression of Interest for an Adv Clin Exp Med Special Collection on


Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment: Navigating the Intricate Landscape of Cellular Signaling Networks


Handling Editors

Prof. Hao Zhang (Department of Neurosurgery, The Second Affiliated Hospital, Chongqing Medical University) [].


Cancer arises from disruptions in the intricate cell signaling networks that drive tumor cell behavior. Chemotherapy and immunotherapy are the main cancer treatment approaches, but the complexity of these signaling networks often hinders the success of targeted therapies. Understanding the cell signaling networks involved in cancer development and progression is crucial. Challenges like drug resistance and metastasis underscore the need for novel approaches targeting key signaling networks for more effective cancer treatment.

Immunotherapy has shown promise by stimulating the patient's immune system but only benefits a subset of patients. Current research has identified many signaling pathways influencing cancer cell growth, spread, and drug resistance. However, the complexity of these signaling networks limits the successful clinical application of individual molecular targets. An in-depth understanding of the functions and regulation of key signaling networks associated with tumor progression is essential to develop new chemotherapies and targeted treatments.


This research initiative seeks submissions on topics like:

  1. Immune regulatory networks influencing cancer progression and prognosis
  2. Signaling pathways involved in cancer initiation and metastasis
  3. Biomarkers for predicting responses to immunotherapy and chemotherapy
  4. Crucial cell signaling networks governing immune responses
  5. Using multi-omics to reveal critical cancer signaling networks



signaling networks, cancer treatment, biomarker, immune response, immunotherapy, multi-omics, cancer progression and prognosis


Submission process

As a first step, we ask for submissions of an Expression of Interest with an Abstract of original papers outlining the themes above to Adv Clin Exp Med Managing Editor Marek Misiak [].

The Editor-in-Chief will review all submissions and select those invited to submit a full paper. The submission process will follow the regular Adv Clin Exp Med online process. All manuscripts will be sent to at least 2 independent reviewers.


Dates and fees

Submission of Expression of Interest until December 31, 2024, to the ACEM Managing Editor [];

Invitation to submit the full paper by January 31, 2025;

Submission of full paper by December 31, 2025.

If the paper is accepted, Authors will be required to pay a fee to cover publication costs ( For selected Authors (outstanding experts), reducing or even cancelling the publication fee is possible.


By submitting your research to Adv Clin Exp Med, you will become an integral part of a dynamic and vibrant community of dedicated researchers committed to advancing the fields of clinical and experimental medicine. By undergoing our rigorous peer-review process, you can be assured that only high-quality and impactful studies are published, enhancing your professional reputation and contributing to advancing medical knowledge.

We look forward to receiving your submissions and collaborating to make a lasting impact on the field of clinical and experimental medicine!