Advances in Clinical and Experimental Medicine

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Abstract Book - 2022 (vol. 31)

Abstract Book


11th European Rural and Isolated Practitioners Association (EURIPA) Rural Health Forum


Catania, Sicilia, Italy

October 6–8 2022


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Key words: primary healthcare, rural health, COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, healthcare disparities, social prescribing


This special issue of “Advances in Clinical and Experimental Medicine” is an abstract book of the 11th European Rural and Isolated Practitioners Association (EURIPA) Rural Health Forum, which will be held in Catania, Sicilia, Italy, on October 6–8, 2022. The presentations were divided into the following thematic fields:


Clinical practice

  • Telecare for a physiological pregnant woman could help to compensate for health inequalities in rural and excluded areas
  • Management and knowledge of soft tissue tumors/sarcoma: Update of primary care physicians.
  • Basic notions about the use of dermatoscopy in primary care
  • Screening for actinic keratosis in a village in the interior of Portugal
  • Utilization of medical devices by GPs in Hungary: A nationwide study



  • Medical coordinator role in Poland in the light of COVID-19 crisis
  • Do we have to give up the preventive medical services during a lockdown/crisis period?
  • Rurality and vaccine hesitancy in a probability-based cross-sectional survey of South Tyrol, Italy
  • The challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic for primary care physicians/general practitioners in Germany
  • Impact of COVID-19 on out-of-hours service between an urban and a rural area in a District of Azienda Sanitaria Universitaria Giuliano-Isontina, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy


Cardiovascular diseases

  • AF-React study: Evidence of under and overtreatment in atrial fibrillation management. A real-world study in northern Portugal
  • The difference in the assessment on cardiovascular risk factors by rural and urban general practitioners in Latvia, Portugal, Norway, and Russia: A qualitative study
  • Hypertension, mild-altitude physical activity, wellbeing and COVID-19: A survey in Veneto region
  • Analysis of the statin prescription in elderly patient in a rural healthcare center


Practice organization

  • The lack of GPs in Italy and possible solutions in rural areas: The Lama Mocogno and Polinago experience
  • What role do patients prefer in medical decision-making? A population-based nationwide cross-sectional study
  • Health care organization in Poland in the light of the refugee crisis related to the military conflict in Ukraine
  • How to set up group consulting
  • Analysis of the internal framework of the newly established Health Center of the Orthodox Church in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo



  • Health screening of children in rural community in a Turkish province: Cross-sectional research
  • Peer group learning evaluation of rural health practice in family medicine: A thematic analysis
  • Late onset hypogonadism affects only elderly men with comorbidities
  • Senile dementia: An observational study in 2 nursing homes in rural Italy